Motivation Monday – Who are you living to please?

Motivation Monday 10.26.15 – Who are you living to please?

Happy Monday friends!

I want you to ask yourself a question as you kick off this brand new workweek. Who are you living to please?

It’s a shame, but some people will go to their grave trying to please people that don't even deserve their attention. Who are you living to please?

There are a lot of instances in our life where we get a different response than what we had hoped for. It is easy to blame other people, or our circumstances, but is there anything that we could have done to change it?

Sometimes the answer is no. Sometimes the only thing that we can control is our response, but sometimes the outcome was determined by how we started off.  When you are able to identify who you are living to please, your decisions change.

As a follower of Jesus, my aim is to please God first. You may not consider yourself to be a person of faith yet, but in my experience when I live in a way that is pleasing to God first, the outcome is always better.

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” Colossians 3:23

Some people look at a relationship with God as a restrictive thing, but for me it has been quite the opposite. Sometimes God says no, but that is not always a bad thing. Maybe God tells us no so that He can save us for what’s best! Sometimes we miss out on what’s best for our lives because we settle for everything else. In a world where self-preservation is the norm, what would happen if we would try to look beyond ourselves?

Of course you want to please your boss because they determine whether or not you should keep getting paid. But if you realized that God blessed you with your job, that appreciation would trickle down into all that you do at work. Sure you want to please your spouse, but God's love is so much deeper and grace-filled than ours. If you learn how to love and how to be loved by God, you will be able to love people even more. It will be a by-product of the incomparable love of God that you experience.

So who are you living to please? If you actually take the time to ask yourself this question and respond accordingly, this could be the best week of your life!

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-jimmy akers

(Some of this blog post content came from the message, Response - 10.25.15. If you want to listen to the entire message, click HERE.)