Thankful Thursday – Don’t do life alone

Thankful Thursday 10.8.15 – Don’t do life alone

Happy Thursday friends!

This past week my wife had to have surgery, so we got to spend a few days in the hospital. This should have afforded me the opportunity to do some thinking, but I actually stayed pretty busy. Anyone that has spent time in the hospital knows that they don’t really allow you much time to rest.

This past July, my wife and I got to go on vacation. We went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with a group of friends. I did not know what to expect because we had never been on a group vacation before. All I could think going in was that this had the potential to become an episode of Real World gone bad! Thankfully I was so wrong. It ended up being one of the greatest weeks of our life for so many reasons.

A little over 2 years ago we planted and launched Daybreak Church in York, PA. It has been quite a roller coaster and there has been plenty of blood, sweat, tears and prayer along the way. Even though it was one of the most difficult things that we have ever attempted, it has also been one of the most amazing things that we have ever been a part of.

So what does surgery and a few days in the hospital have to do with a great vacation and planting a church? I’m so glad you asked!


From the moment that we entered the hospital last week, my phone came alive. Friends and family from all over were sending encouraging text messages, Facebook messages and voicemails. To this day over a week later, people are still visiting to check on my wife. It was hard to keep up with the messages at times, but man, what a good problem to have! (My wife Amber is doing great by the way, praise God! She is sharing some of her journey HERE.)

I can say without reservation; we have amazing people in our life. But the truth is, most people don’t know the kind of love and encouragement that we felt this past week. Most people suffer and struggle alone, but it does not have to be that way. Jesus showed us a better way.

When Jesus was asked what mattered most, simply put, He told us to love God and people wide open. Jesus told us to love without reservation. (Check out Matthew 22:36-40)

The main reason that I believe that God called us to be pastors, to start Daybreak Church, to start, to start sending our messages to prisoners, to start writing books, and writing and recording music, is to encourage people! I feel like God has called us to tell people that they don’t have to do life alone.

I know that I can only invest in so many one-on-one relationships, but that’s why I want to create resources that will hopefully encourage people to seek out or create community. There is a hope that is found in a relationship with Jesus that cannot be found anywhere else. There is a hope that is only found when you are doing life with others.

Our vacation was not to some far away land, and we really did not have a ton of money to spend, but that is not why it was incredible. At the end of the day that stuff does not matter. Our vacation was amazing because we got some time to relax and enjoy life with some amazing people.

I love our church family at DBC. God is doing an amazing work in our community! I hope that DBC never finds an expiration date on this side of heaven, but if we had to close the doors today, it would have all been worth it. We are the church. It would have been worth it all, because the people that God has blessed us with the opportunity to invest in, they are worth it.

So today I want to say thank you Jesus for all of the amazing people that we have been blessed to do life with! Thank you for the one time conversations and for the friends that have walked with us for the long haul. You have all mattered to us and we are better because we have gotten the opportunity to share this journey with you at some point.

Because of you I know that we don’t have to do life alone!

Friend, if you are going through something right now, I want you to know the same. As I am typing this, I am praying that God would encourage your heart and minister to you in a way that only He can. God is more mindful of you than you realize. If you are not doing life with others, it’s time to find a community to walk with. I’m so thankful for the people that we get to do life with!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and that you find a way to remind someone that they don’t have to do life alone. If this blog was an encouragement to you, share it with someone that has been a blessing to you. And don't forget to say thank you, because it’s thankful Thursday!

-jimmy akers

PS. God is for you! Don't do life alone.