What do you need to quit doing?

2.2.16 - What do you need to quit doing?

Are you too legit to quit? Yes I just referenced a Mc Hammer song from 1991, because I try to stay relevant. If you don’t know who Mc Hammer is, you really missed out on quality entertainment and you need to Google the man today, but back to the question. Are you too legit to quit?

When Mc Hammer wrote this song, his point was that he was not going to give up. Not a bad thought because some people give up right before they experience a break through, but for some of us, giving up is not the issue.

Zig Ziglar says, “If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.” I love this quote because it is encouraging and it motivates me to have goals and at least attempt to be headed somewhere. But again, I have a different problem. My issue is trying to aim at 23 different things at once!

Bob Goff has this thing about Thursday’s, and if you follow Bob on Social media you will see that every Thursday he says, “It’s Thursday, quit something!” Bob and me are on the same track today, except today is Tuesday, and if I wait until Thursday I may have more things to quit by then.

The last few days I have been processing a ton of stuff, and my mind is struggling to focus. I will never be accused of not doing anything because I struggle with doing too much. I know that God is helping me through the process, but I need to help myself. I am a dreamer, but God wants me to be fruitful too, and I know that I can’t make progress when I am spinning my wheels.

Yesterday my friend Justin encouraged me to focus on the area’s where I already have traction. I am taking a hard look at all of the stuff that I keep putting on my plate because I am trying desperately to be more intentional with my life, but my default is to juggle too much. I can’t even juggle! I am praying and seeking God for wisdom, clarity and provision.

2015 was great for a lot of reasons, but one big reason for me was seeing one of my dreams come to life when I published my first book! Nobody would have ever heard of my book Thankful if I did not focus and finish it.

Sometimes we need to say NO to some good things so that we can say YES to the best things. This is not easy, but it is important.

What do you need to quit doing?

Be encouraged!

-jimmy akers                 

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