Better Is One Day

“Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” Psalm‬ ‭84:10‬

When God sent me to York I had no idea what was to come, but I knew that I would not face it alone. That proved to be true at every level.

And during the last 5 years of living in Pennsylvania, God has given me the opportunity to hold many doors. What I did not expect was the doors that He would open for me.

God gave me the opportunity to plant and pastor an incredible church. Through that door I got to share, (don't do life alone) with our community. What an amazing gift to hold the door open for people to experience hope. But then He opened a door for me. 

God gave me the chance to have the community that I held a door open for, open a door for me. As I navigated a devastating loss and pain that at times felt unbearable, the door was open for me to begin to heal. While I tried to point people to Jesus every week from our pulpit, I was bleeding myself. But God used our community to sustain me.

Now Jesus has opened a new door. He is giving me a second chance to rebuild my life. He is paving the way for a level of redemption that I didn't think was possible. And I can't wait to see what's in store with my next chapter as a missionary with NMSI. I can't wait to see what doors I get to hold open in this new season.

Even though I am leaving this place physically, the door of my heart for my friends and family in Pennsylvania remains unchanged. As my dear friend Mike Ches shared at DBC Sunday, zip codes don't matter to me. I am blessed to have family all of over this ball that we call earth. 

Prayers appreciated as I trust the Lord to provide my financial support as a missionary and kickoff a new season with an epic road trip that starts this morning. Here's to holding more doors. And new doors! We are blessed to be a blessing. Who knows what God may do along the way.

(Post from July 27th, 2017)

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