Dear Ministry Leader


To all of my Pastor friends and those serving in ministry, I want to encourage you to make sure that you are caring for your family and yourself while you are trying to save the world. The weight, pressure and situations that we carry are heavy. God's grace is sufficient, but when we don't rest and when we isolate ourselves, we can step outside of that grace.

I have been actively serving in ministry since I was 9 years old, but the last 12 1/2 years that I have been full time I have gone almost non-stop. I recently returned from a sabbatical that honestly probably saved my life. After a crazy year of loss while still pastoring I had no idea how badly I was crumbling on the inside. I had to get away to get clarity and seek God to find peace. I have incredible people walking with me, but I have to be intentional about those relationships.

I get the loneliness. I understand praying all week desperately trying to hear from God then preaching your guts out and then getting blasted because you didn't return a call quick enough. I get having to get out of bed and go to the hospital when you feel like your family needs you more. I know how it feels to hear from God then have a well meaning person that you love tell you that you are missing God. I love what I do. I love walking with people. But it's not easy. There is always room for improvement. We strive to walk in the spirit but we are still flesh and we need rest.

Today I feel better than I have in 13 months in every capacity. I have peace about where I am and where I am headed. I'm tired of seeing my brothers and sisters lose their families and ministries because of bad decisions that happened because of being broken and exhausted. The church doesn't need to be in any more news headlines for leaders losing it because they needed healing and took a wrong turn. We need to submit to and reach out for the same hope that we preach about.

You are not alone. Being in ministry is not easy. Don't navigate your pain one more day by yourself. If I can walk with you or encourage you in any way, message me. Let me pray with you. Our enemy is not playing games, but neither is God. It's time to punch Satan in the throat! We are one decision away from ruin. We are also only one decision away from healing. 

It's great to start well. Let's finish well. I love you. Jesus loves you more. Keep breathing.

(Post from June 21st, 2017)