Ten years ago I was going through the Ministerial Internship Program with the Church of God. We had an all day class one Saturday a month at Bishop Jerry C. Elder's church in Baltimore. We had incredible Pastors and leaders investing in us for the entire nine month program. 

During his session, Bishop Eddie Sweeney passed out fireballs. He told us to hold onto it. His message was that God would be faithful to give us the calling, passion, strength and fire to minister to people, but it was our responsibility to hold onto it. I remember how significant that moment was for me then because my package had two fireballs. 

He was right. God has been faithful to give me the calling, passion, strength and fire to minister to people. By God's grace, I'm still on the field and in the game and I get the opportunity to finish well at my church and change positions on the team as I transition into missions. I'm thankful that God is still writing my story. I'm thankful for this reminder. I still got it Bishop. In awe. So thankful.

(Post from June 28th, 2017)