I Have Stood Behind This Music Stand for 186 Sunday's

church stand.jpg

Ten years ago God planted a seed in the hearts of a young couple to plant a life-giving church that could change a community. Over the course of several years, serving as youth pastors in MD, DE and FL, blood, sweat, tears, prayer and the power of God, that vision became a reality on Sunday September 22nd, 2013.

God never promised an easy road but Jesus has been present through every victory and every single obstacle. We have seen miracles over the last four years and it has been absolutely incredible to be a part of God's story in York, Pennsylvania.

This morning my heart is processing so many emotions, because I am so thankful that God has given me vision for the next chapter of my life after seeking Him for fifteen months and walking through the most devastating season of loss in my life. But I love my church family and planting and pastoring this church has been one of the greatest joys of my life!

For whatever reason, God saw fit to extend to me a level of grace that kept my brokenness from driving my decisions. The more I hurt, the more tangible God's presence became in my life. It's not easy to take a step that will take me away from my DBC family, but I have complete peace in my next season as a missionary with New Mission Systems International, because God has never let me down. And I am so thankful that I GET to leave instead of losing my opportunity to say goodbye because of a costly decision that my pain could have led me too. Only by God's grace.

I have stood behind this music stand that has a gangster-lean for 186 Sunday's begging God to use me to share the hope of Jesus. I don't fully understand why God has called me and given me the honor to represent Him in the office of a pastor, but I have not taken the opportunity to stand in the pulpit for granted for the last 12+ years of ministry, and I pray I never do.

It's hard to see it sometimes when you are in the middle of a transition, but God's best is always better than our plans. And as I move on from this place that I have called home for the last five years, I do so believing that the same God that is writing my story, is writing the story of every person that I have had the privilege of knowing, walking with and serving in York, PA.

I got the opportunity to plant and pastor some of the most incredible people on the planet in my DBC family. And just as I change hats from being a lead pastor to being a missionary, Daybreak Church turns a page and becomes The Altar Church. And I could not be more excited for all that God has in store for her and the people that call this place home.

I got to help start a life-giving church, but as I pack my vehicle this week, I leave with a bigger family. This has been the hardest and best season of my life and ministry thus far, and God has been faithful every step of the the way.

The best is yet to come. Thank you, Jesus. I am so thankful for another day. I am so thankful that God woke me up and gave me one more opportunity to be a lead pastor, worship God and share the truth that has changed my life.

If you don't already have somewhere to be at 10:30 this morning, 525 Hillcrest Road York, PA 17403 has saved you a seat. Who knows what God may do.

(Post from July 23rd, 2017)