If The Rhythm Doesn't Line Up, The Song Falls Apart.

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*Warning: This is a difficult but very important lesson that I am learning.

I live with urgency. I think part of that stems from being a pastor and being a part of so many life-altering moments and situations in other peoples lives. Being there for others when life happens is a privilege! I love walking with people. But preaching more funerals than I can count, hundreds of hospital visits and late night phone calls of tragedy are sobering. For some, they grow calloused. Thankfully, I still feel but it has caused me to at times live at a unsustainable pace.

God is teaching me so much and honestly sometimes it's hard to keep up with the truth that He is speaking into my life, but one of the lessons has to do with urgency. It's good to be intentional and not take things for granted, but in some areas of life, we need to intentionally slow down. 

It's not easy to admit when you've missed it, but this is a massive revelation in my life and maybe it will help someone else. Many times we can be hearing the same melody as God. It's great to be headed in the right direction. But if the rhythm doesn't line up, the song falls apart. 

Don't miss this because I have and I don't want to anymore. Many times the melody has been there, but my tempo was off beat from God's. God is gracious, but a good song becomes a great song when the melody and tempo line up just right. 

A long time ago Jesus asked us to follow Him. That invitation is still available. It's good to head where He's leading. It's even better to walk in step with the guy that got up from the grave. Be encouraged. I am. Selah.

(Post from August 24th, 2017)