Coffee With Pap


When I was a kid I stayed with my grandparents most weekends and a lot during the summer. Coffee was a staple in their home.

When my grandmother made me my first cup of coffee I may have been 7 or 8. I don't drink it much now but it only felt right when I had breakfast with Pap this morning to drink a cup of coffee with him.

Staying in their home the last few days has been like living in a time capsule. Gram loved people and she has the pictures to prove it. Even though she stepped into eternity years ago, my grandparents home is still filled with altars of remembrance that document everyone that mattered to her.

My grandmother taught me to love Jesus and others well while you can. Our brother James reminds us that life is a vapor and that tomorrow is not promised.

A few months back I got to spend a week with my Pop Renshaw in West Virginia the week that his wife passed away and this week I got to stay with Pap in Maryland. 

I'm not sure how many more opportunities I will have to enjoy breakfast with them on this side of heaven, but I have determined to make the most of our time together when I get it.

(Post from September 14th, 2017)