Jesus Has Invited Us To Live Beyond Ourselves

irma 2.jpg

This #EndsGivesBack missions trip was just like any other Ends Of The Earth Tour. Strangers became family over the course of just a few days.

I could tell you how massive the pile of trash is by the road that may fill a semi trailer that we ripped out, cleaned out and carried. Or the how horrible the fridges and mold filled rooms smelled. Or how hot it was both during the day and at night. But none of that matters.

We got to serve amazing pastors and love on their church and community. The amount of work that we accomplished together is nothing short of amazing. And the relationships we made will be life-long.

Yes we sweated together, but we also laughed together. We laughed a lot actually! Not one person in our group complained about sharing one bathroom. 

Every aspect of this weekend, even the difficult parts were full of joy and hope, because that's what serving does and that's #howGODrolls. Jesus has invited us to live beyond ourselves and every time we step into that something amazing comes from it.

I could tell you stories about every person in this photo. They are amazing people and I am blessed to call them friends. I watched them give and give and give now for 3 days straight. And God provided for me to have the opportunity to serve this weekend because of incredible people that are supporting me through financial partnership on my missions journey. Thank you, Jesus. Exhale.

(Post from September 24th, 2017)