Make It Matter

mission bbq.jpg

First I get a phone call earlier this evening that I am being blessed with a car and then this encounter. The providence of God is ridiculous!

I eat dinner at home or with friends most nights. After I got back from a divorce care meeting at church tonight, I decided to get a ride with Lyft to grab a bite to eat. I was headed to Chick-Fil-A because why not. 

On the way we passed Mission BBQ. Mission makes me think of home because it started in Baltimore and my church family in York ate at Mission almost every Sunday and I miss my people. I said something about it and my Lyft driver agreed to drop me off there instead.

One of the ladies working the dining room greeted me and we started talking and she asked about my tattoos. She focused on the semicolon and I shared how I dealt with suicide when I was 14 and how God brought me through that and how He continues to show up.

With my divorce care workbook on the table she broke down and told me how she went through a painful divorce too and how she was so depressed that she attempted suicide. Then she said that's how her belief in God actually became more than a thought.

While she was in the hospital recovering from her suicide attempt, the doctors found a large tumor. She had no clue about the tumor, but they were able to address it and remove it. And she said in that moment after they told her about the tumor she felt God's presence and knew that He was real.

She went on to share how losing friends and family because of the divorce was hard, but God continues to bring christians into her life to show her that she is a part of a bigger family now! I told her how I wasn't even supposed to eat there but the plans changed.

She told me that before tonight she was ashamed to share that the suicide attempt actually led to them finding the tumor. Nobody knows. I told her that her story and testimony could be used to bless and share hope with so many people. She gave me permission to share her story as long as I did not share her name. Then I looked down at my cup. Man. Nothing is wasted.

Make it matter.

(Post from October 4th, 2017)