Today That Dream From 18 Months Ago Becomes Tangible


18 months ago I had a dream that I was serving with a missions organization that has a headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida. A few weeks after that dream, my life got flipped upside down in every capacity.

I started to question everything that I thought that I knew. Nothing made sense. I found myself walking through a devastating season of loss that I hoped was a just a bad dream. It wasn't. 

Over the last 18 months I have seen the God that I have preached about for the last 13 years show up. Regardless of how hard it was to process what I could not control, the resurrected King continued to pick me up off the ground every day.

Depression tried to steal my joy. For two months I had anxiety attacks that were so overwhelming, all I could do was pray desperately for God to fill my lungs back up with air as I sat struggling to breathe.

I had hundreds of difficult conversations, and had to make life-altering decisions through a very painful season. This time last year I moved into my church to find rest and healing.

After the craziest roller coaster ride of my life, today that dream from 18 months ago becomes tangible. Lord willing, in a few hours I will get on an airplane and fully step into a new season of my life as a missionary with NMSI. I get the opportunity to come along side of our missionaries that are serving all over the world and lift up their arms. Thank you, Jesus.

Letting go of the past is not always easy, but you can't embrace today if you are still holding on to yesterday. Today, I get to begin again. I have surrendered editorial control of my life into the hands of Jesus, and I know that this new chapter is a part of His redemptive plan.

If you are struggling, know that you are not alone. If you are going through a difficult season, keep going because seasons change. Pain is tangible but so is hope and God's hope will find you because He is not done with your story.

To everyone that is already praying for me or supporting me financially, thank you. If you want to sign up for my email and print newsletter or partner with me financially on a monthly basis or with a one time annual gift, you can do so through the link below to my missions page. 

Much love to all of my family and friends. I can't want to share stories of God's faithfulness all over the world as I continue to share hope and walk with broken people. The best is yet come!

(Post from September 15th, 2017)