Don't Be Afraid To Dance Again

For some reason this alley and these lights at night stop me every time I am in downtown York city.

It could be the beautiful simplicity of this walk way that is nestled in the heart of a city that is both full of beauty and crying out for hope. Maybe it is because the alley leads to a small courtyard that is a temporary refuge from the busy streets. Or maybe it is the contrast between the dark night sky and the lights that break through the darkness to illuminate the brick walls that are the supporting cast for a grand outdoor production.

This alley and these lights almost feel like a transitional point for two different worlds. Transitions can be confusing, scary and overwhelming when everything is unfamiliar and you are still staring at the ground after being knocked down. But from a different perspective, there could be something beautiful being written in the chaos of the unknown.

I am in the middle of the greatest transition in my life. I say greatest because it is massive! Everything is different. Everything except Jesus that is.

I don't know why, when or how I got here, but I know that whatever God has on the other side of this season, it has to be great because God is great at what He does. It's going to be beautiful because Jesus does His best work with broken things. And if I don't lose heart, staying faithful is going to be worth it.

Right now it's all unclear in so many ways. Hope has never left me, but the fragile and broken pieces are still being gathered and picked back up. I asked for God to bring clarity for my message this weekend at DBC. I've got it now. Don't get lost in transition.

If you find yourself there, don't lose heart. For a few minutes I was standing alone in the middle of a street full of families that were laughing and taking pictures together. In those brief moments I felt completely lost.

It took a few minutes, but I realized that I can look at that void as a space that will never be filled again, or I can look at it as an opportunity for God to exercise His editorial control over my life and rewrite the rest of my story to make it the best of my story.

I want to create and be a part of more of those joy-filled memories. And because of Jesus, I believe I will. I am tired of tears that are coming from a place of sorrow and pain. I trust that in time they will change to tears of joy. I just have to get there. We all just have to get there. Don't be afraid to dance again. Exhale. (Post from December 2nd, 2016)