Get Back Up

My first major goal in October when I began preparing for the #kwbr2017 was to get a bike and start riding. ✔️ The next goal was to do 25 miles in one day. Not so easy.

Today I got to ride with Justin Hanneken and Brian Burgan. It was such a beautiful day man. So thankful.

The downfall to this mornings ride was me. Half way in, I fell really hard. Thankfully I didn't break anything.

Sometimes in life you find yourself face down. In those moments, only you can decide if you are going to get back up or not.

On top of enjoying a beautiful morning riding with my brothers and surviving that fall, God gave me the grace and strength to get back up and finish the 25.2 mile ride.

My body hurts, but my heart is overwhelmed for so many good reasons right now, I don't care. Life is short, I want to live it well.

Fear, pain and disappointment want you to stay on the ground, but your life is waiting for you to get back up. God is not finished with your story. Don't settle. (Post from December 28th, 2016)