Thankful Book One Year Later

So thankful for another day. And this!!

One year ago today, one of my many dreams became a reality. For years I thought about writing, but honestly I assumed it would be just another thing that got lost in the shuffle of life. I'm so glad that I was wrong.

My prayer for Thankful was for God to use the book how He saw fit, to encourage those that needed it most, when the time was right. He has. I trust He will continue to.

Dan Miller, a New York Times best-selling author that endorsed the book said that 75% of books published through self publishing or traditional publishing don't sell more than 99 copies. One year later I have sold a few hundred more than 99, but I have also given away a few hundred copies.

Those numbers say something, and I am humbled that I am in the top 25% of authors now, but those numbers are not as significant as the messages that I have received from people all over the country that have shared how the book has encouraged them in some way.

Justin Hanneken and Ends Cycling used Thankful for all 7 of their 2016 cycling tours for their devo's. Last year shortly after the release, I was interviewed on an xm radio station out of New York for their Thanksgiving Day broadcast. (Post from November 16th, 2016)

I was blessed to work with an amazing editor. Anna Floit believed in me and Thankful. She helped bring my words to life. Justin Willet did an incredible job on the cover. They are both great people and now dear friends. If you have a writing dream, you need people that will walk with you that know what they are doing. Look no further.

Thank you to my launch team that was 50+ people strong. It was a joy to have you all involved on the journey to launching Thankful. And thank you to everyone that prayed, shared or purchased copies.

If you have already read the book and it has been a blessing to you, please head over to Amazon and write a review. A review is a great way to support an author.

If you have not read Thankful yet, what are you waiting for?? lol. Seriously, if you can't afford to purchase a copy, message me your email address and I will email you a pdf copy for FREE if you will promise to write a review on Amazon for me. Deal?!

This year God has carried me through the most devastating season of my life thus far. My heart is even more thankful now than it was one year ago. I can't wait to share many more words, songs and conversations with the world! God is just getting started with my story.

God still brings dreams to life. Don't give up. (Post from November 16th, 2016)