There Is More To Your Story

Facebook has this memory generator called, (On This Day). Yesterday a post that I was tagged in came up with this image. It has taken me almost 24 hours to put these words together. Even though the contents of that post were painful to read because the words that were written are clearly no longer accurate, the words in this image are more relevant, tangible and encouraging now than ever.

Many have expressed gratitude and have shared testimonies of how God has used my response in recent months to help them draw closer to God. Some friends that have dealt with loneliness, depression and fear have expressed breakthroughs after listening to the message and announcement that was posted and reading some of my posts. And some couples that have been experiencing difficulties in their own marriages or relationships have shared stories of forgiveness and reconciliation that has started to take place.

Those testimonies are possible because God's word is true. Pain is tangible but so is hope. I am not strong. I am thankful. I am hopeful. I decided to lean in to Jesus. In my weakness, He is strong. Any good from this is all Him.

Regardless of what you see or feel, God is not done with your story.

Even though the other words that I am not including in this post have lost their weight, I really believe that the best wave of my life is still out there! It will take time to heal, but I have forgiven and God has released me from the weight that is associated with the most devastating valley in my life.

The future looks good because God is good! Jesus has been so, so gracious to me. If you feel like you are going through hell, keep going. Your best days are ahead! Stop waiting to live. It's time to get back up! I'm so thankful that there is still more to our story to be written. (Post from October 21st, 2016)