Breakfast With Jesus

Occasionally I go and have breakfast at a local diner to think and pray. Even though my check only has one meal listed on it, my time here is everything but alone.

This morning after I sat down I saw that I had a message notification on my phone. A dear brother that I met at a pastors lunch last year sent me a message, but when I went to check it, I found an older message that he sent to me in October that I somehow missed. His words that were shared 4 months ago spoke so clearly to where I am right now, literally in this very moment of my life. Because God is good at what He does.

This morning I did not have breakfast alone. My brother, James D. Douglas met me and Jesus for breakfast. And man did we have a time this morning.

God is more mindful than we realize. I have surrendered editorial control of my life into the hands of Jesus. He continues to affirm and confirm that His plan for my life is better than mine. I am so thankful for peace that surpasses understanding. God is so faithful. (Post from February 22nd, 2017)