I Auditioned For The Voice!

I'm not sure what you did with your morning, but I woke up at 3am, drove to Baltimore, started singing and auditioned for the #theVoice. I have never had an ambition to try out for any show before, but I have learned some things about life in the last couple of years. It is fragile. Our brother James reminds us that our life on this side of eternity is but a vapor. I'm not taking any day for granted.

I spent most of my morning with a new friend that is a stand up comedian talking about faith, music, speaking into people's lives, dreams and peanut butter. I got to hear some incredible singers this morning. In my group of ten, two have sang in Broadway productions. The one guy is one of the best singers that I have ever heard, but none of us got picked for a call back.

I landed on singing God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton (originally Dave Barnes). This morning I decided that Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus was going to be my second song if I needed it. I got to encourage a young girl in my group that sang Bethel's - Holy Spirit while we were waiting to cross the street afterwards because she was having a hard time. She was 14 and did something that most people will only talk about doing.

Today was not about making a show or trying to be famous. Today was about trying to figure out how to enjoy the journey that God has me on. I sang that song better than I ever have. I got to talk about Jesus and I enjoyed every minute of my morning, even the long lines.

I'm not sure what tomorrow, next week or next year holds, but I know the one that holds them. Sometimes you have to make decisions to try hard things even if you don't know what's on the other side. Steps of faith rarely seem comfortable. God is not finished with my story or your story, friends. Stop waiting to live.

And for my dear friends that are auditioning later today, whether you get picked or not, make sure that you enjoy the journey. (Post from February 25th, 2017)