Thankful For God's Grace

So thankful for God's grace. As I went to turn this afternoon a gentleman coming from the opposite direction quickly passed a car that was stopping for the yellow light, but he sped up to get through the light and the driver side of his suv went across the front of mine and spun me completely around. Both of my airbags deployed.

I have only been in 2 car accidents as the driver and both times I watched the other car hit me. My tragedy quota is beyond capacity right now, so I'm ok if life slows down for a little bit. I'm physically ok, just a little sore. It could have been so much worse.

James said our life is a vapor. I'm not taking anything for granted. And again this afternoon as I am getting a ride home I can't help but thank God that me and the other driver were able to get out of our cars under our own strength. RIP Subaru. Exhale. (Post from March 12th, 2017)