Valentine's Day Reminder For Women

An important note for all of the ladies out there. The dude in your life wants to know that you care about him and respect him. And maybe make some bacon because everything is better with bacon. If he is a vegetarian or does not like bacon, no offense, but I cannot speak for him. I am not from that planet. But for sure, if you love him, do your best to avoid glitter. Glitter is from hell. But if you can't avoid glitter because your card or gift is already drenched in the shiny sparkling shards from hades, make him extra bacon. And tell him he is strong even if he can't bench press more than a Big Mac. And call him Big Mac. Or Big Poppa. Because those sound awesome. And if he buys you the red light flowers, forgive him. He clearly did not read my last Facebook post before he got there. And red light flowers are still better than cemetery flowers. lol. You're welcome. Happy Valentine's Day.

(Post from February 14th, 2017)