A beautiful day to take another step

In May I got the opportunity to sing and preach for the Testerman wedding. The ceremony and reception were in a beautiful venue and it was a blast. But even more than the location being incredible and having a good time, the moments shared were amazing because a commitment was made between two people that love God and love each other.

Every wedding that I have had the honor of officiating has been special to me because I love serving people and I believe in marriage, but this one felt different. I didn't know if I would ever be able to bring myself to stand at the top of those stairs and watch a bride come down the aisle to meet her husband again.

But just as God continues to redeem and reconcile His bride unto Himself, Jesus offers opportunities to begin again. And Chelsea and Ryan's wedding was a beautiful day to take another step. God's grace and strength were tangible. So thankful. Exhale.

Pictures by: Amanda Souders Photography

(Post from June 11th, 2017)