Sometimes we have to learn how to live again

Sometimes we have to learn how to live again.

For almost 13 years I have been in full time ministry. I love it! I want to serve Jesus and share hope and walk with people for the rest of my life. But after going through a devastating season of loss, I am finally starting to find my bearings. I have a peace that is hard to articulate. And I am hopeful for forward.

But it's still difficult. Everything is different. Moving away from my church that I love dearly is going to be hard. Becoming a missionary and raising support is a massive faith step. But I have chosen to preach Jesus and trust Jesus regardless of my circumstances. I am doing the best I can to lead well through all of the craziness that life has been throwing my way, and I hope that I have pointed people to Jesus through it.

I can have a good time, but if you know me at any level, I stay in the deep end of the pool most of the time. I don't always balance fun and work well, partially because I love what I do. But I am working on this.

Jesus said He came to give us life and that life more abundantly. I don't just want to exist. I don't want to take the life that God has given to me for granted.

Today I left York, PA at 3:45am to drive to New York City to do a site survey job for my brother. My expenses were more than covered, and it was enjoyable. I'm thankful for the financial provision it brought, and that I was able to finish the job well, but I also got to enjoy the rest of the day in NYC.

The day started out raining, but it ended up being beautiful out by the time I finished working. The money was so appreciated. NYC was fun! But none of that even remotely made the day awesome. Jesus did and He did it through relationships.

I got to walk 40 floors in a massive building with 3 facility managers and I got to share Jesus with them. I met Charlie from Harlem, and I got to remind Him that God is not done working in his story. I had a great conversation with Rick and Kay from Scotland at a bus stop talking about how God blessed me with the job today, and they wanted to know what that meant.

I got to encourage Allen and Jane from Australia that came to the US for a vacation because they are exhausted and discouraged. And that conversation only happened because our bus broke down and we had to stand on the side of the road for a half hour. And lastly, after a guy tried to sell me comedy show tickets and marijuana, I got to share with Him that since Jesus changed the game I have not had to get high to run from my life. Only 3 of my 9 new friends have a relationship with God right now.

None of that felt like work. With every conversation I felt Holy Spirit fill me back up. And I intentionally photo-bombed so many people taking selfies today, and that was a blast! lol.

"Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
-Howard Thurman

I know what makes me come alive. And I'm so thankful that God is helping me learn how to live again. Now I get to drive home and spend some time thanking Jesus for His faithfulness in my life again today. Exhale.

(Post from June 14th, 2017)