The future looks good.

Last year there was a month in the fall that I started every day with a song that has a chorus that includes few words, but they are powerful words. I was dealing with anxiety attacks that took my breath away. My entire world got flipped upside down and I often had no desire to get out of bed. The loss was massive and depression was winning. The weight of my circumstances were crushing me.

The lyrics were, "The future looks good." There were moments that I had a hard time believing them, but I listened anyways.

This past weekend I had to announce to my DBC church family that our church will be having its final service July 23rd. Even though coming to that decision has been bathed in prayer and conversations by my leadership team for months, it was still very difficult. Such is life sometimes. We don't always get to choose our circumstances, but our response is critical.

Even though closing DBC is hard, I know that God has a redemptive plan for every person in our church family. I love my church so much! We have been through a lot together. DBC may be our church but we are all God's sons and daughters. And as hard as that decision was, I believe trusting Jesus and releasing control into God's hands when we don't have answers is always the best response. Always.

God is calling me to be a missionary. For the first time in over a year, I feel peace that goes beyond my circumstances. Like any major transition in my life, I'm not taking this next step lightly. Joining the missionaries at NMSI that are changing the world is the biggest step of faith that I have ever taken, but I trust God with it.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Planting DBC was hard, but it was done by faith. Closing it is harder, but again, I'm walking this out by faith. And I can't sing about faith, preach about faith and pray by faith if I'm not willing to walk by faith.

If you feel lost this morning, I just want to remind you that God knows right where you are. And He is not finished with your story. Keep breathing.

And this morning that song came back to mind. Today I don't need the lyrics to convince me, because the hope that is overflowing from my heart already knows that they are true.

Because of the faithfulness of God... the future looks good.