Do you know someone that could use some encouraging mail?

Years ago Jimmy Akers was asked by a father in his church to write a letter to his son who was incarcerated.  A few years later a letter from his friend in prison showed up but this letter was a little bit more vulnerable. He shared how much the letters encouraged him to continue on when he felt like giving up. After some time praying about it God led Jimmy to start sending message notes that he prepared to preach every week.

After a few weeks Jimmy received a letter back from his friend thanking him for the message notes. He not only shared the points of the message that were speaking to him, he also wrote that he had shared the messages with other guys that he was incarcerated with. It's incredible to see what God can do. Since those initial letters, message notes have been sent to people all over the country.

Every message includes a handwritten note of encouragement. If you know someone who could benefit from encourage-mail just fill out the form below. Please inform us if any info changes for the recipient. You never know what kind of impact an encouraging word at the right time could make. If you are looking for some encouragement yourself, check out our BLOG, and sign up to receive the BLOG posts in your email inbox.

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