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For over 27 years now I have been playing music but I have been around musicians my whole life. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised on church pews, in hair salons and on tour buses on the weekends. Growing up my father was an electrician by day but a part time touring musician on nights and weekends while my mom worked in the beauty industry as a stylist, manager and customer service rockstar. 

I have been in pastoral ministry since 2005 and have held a variety of positions within the church, but all of them have included the opportunity to play an instrument or lead worship. I am a creative that loves sharing hope through writing, podcasting and speaking but music has always been a lifeline. I have been playing guitar and writing songs now for 22 years and I have had the opportunity to teach a bunch of people how to play the guitar. Many have asked me why I created this course.

For one, music has changed my life. When things get tough, my guitar is a place to retreat to and process. When I feel inspired, I grab my acoustic guitar to create melodies and craft lyrics that help me dream out loud and maybe even encourage someone else. Music makes life better. It often plays in the background of critical moments in our life and it transcends almost every barrier. So I really believe in this. 

I also created this course for sake of time. The last few students that I worked with had frequent scheduling conflicts and my schedule stays pretty full. Creating this course gives me the opportunity to help a lot more people. Some of my former students are music directors and worship leaders now. Some have recorded albums and many have far exceeded my skill level. A mentor of mine once shared that a mentorship has gone well if the one that is being mentored exceeds the mentor. It is so fulfilling to see other people grow in their craft.

Last and certainly not least, people keep asking me for lessons. I didn’t take formal lessons, but I would have have been far more advanced sooner if I had the opportunity to learn from someone that had been playing for 20+ years. New York Times Best Selling author Dan Miller often says, if you have 3 or more people asking you for something, you probably have the wisdom, knowledge and experience to create content that can add value to their life. In the past I had students that came to me after 2+ years of formal lessons from other teachers but they still could not play a song.

My beginner guitar course is not super theory driven. I have taken 30 guitar lessons worth of content and put it into 10 video lessons that include: step by step instructions, a resource guide to compliment the videos, audio recordings of the 3 originals songs that I teach in the course for you to practice with and online links to the products that I recommend to make it easier for you to get what you need to play. On top of all of this, the course includes a bonus Skype guitar lesson where you can ask me any questions about the course or the guitar after you have finished the course.

If you or someone you know wants to learn how to play, there is no better time like the present. Purchasing the online beginner guitar course gives you online access whenever you want. You get to learn and grow at your own pace. On top of the content, it is less than a third of the price of my face to face lessons.

If you have any questions about the course, send me an email. It’s time to play. Get the course and start learning today! 

- jimmy akers

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Beginner Guitar Course - Content

01 - Everyone Starts Somewhere / The Power Of Music - (Musical Alphabet - A-G, Strumming hand, Chord hand, Fingers 1-4, Strings 1-6)

02 - Knowing Your Instrument / Strings, Picks And More - (Strings, String names, Picks, Strap, Capo, String Winder/Cutter, Guitar Parts Names, Tuner, Metronome)

03 - It’s Time To Play! / Positioning And Strumming - (Position of your guitar, Position of your hands, Strumming technique, Chord chart box, E major chord, strumming, picking, foot stool)

04 - Practice, Adjust, Practice / Finger Exercise - (Basic finger exercise, Finger dexterity)

05 - Rhythm And Timing / Beats And Tempo - (Time signature 4/4 2/4 3/4 6/8, BPM - Beats Per Minute, Metronome)

06 - Chords And More / Major, Minor, Capo - (Chord Box, Chord chart, Major VS Minor, E Major, E Minor, A Major, A Minor, D Major, D Minor, Music Alphabet, Guitar neck notes, Tune the guitar to itself, Using a capo)

07 - Lord I Come Before You Now / Original Song - (Cadd9, Em7, Hammer on and off, Palm mute, Crescendo, Decrescendo) (MP3 included)

08 - Every Season / Original Song - Asus2, Bsus, A/G#, Bsus) (MP3 included)

09 - Jesus Is Still There / Original Song - Am, G/B, Cadd9, Em7, D/F#, G (add lyrics and chords, bpm, time signature) (MP3 included)

10 - Changing Your Strings / Maintenance And Cleaning

11 - So What’s Next? / Let’s Schedule A Skype Lesson